Maple water NAPSI certified

Maple water

Maple water

100% pure and natural maple water is also known as maple sap and gets its authentic, fresh and delicately sweet flavour from Quebec's majestic sugar maple trees. The earliest known inhabitants of Canada consumed maple water as a tonic. Legend has it that, during a spring of famine, an Aboriginal was watching a squirrel bursting with energy. After noticing that the squirrel drank water from a maple tree, he realized that this was where the squirrel was getting its energy from. Maple water became a food prized by the people of the First Nations and later of New France.

It is an eco-friendly product and contains 46 nutrients that are essential to the growth and protection of the tree. This bioactive cocktail includes several vitamins and minerals, organic acids, amino acids, polyphenols and phytohormones— with only 5 grams of carbohydrates, or 20 calories, per 250 ml!

NAPSI Certified

NAPSI Certified

NAPSI is a certification created by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers to ensure the authenticity and quality of maple water. The harvesting methods and processes of NAPSI-certified products meet strict standards that guarantee the maple water is:

  • Natural: harvested from maple trees
  • Authentic: it is the same sap that the trees themselves produce
  • Pure: no agents or ingredients added
  • Sterile: devoid of any microorganisms
  • Integral: it is unrefined, not from concentrate and contains all the original compounds provided by nature

This certification is available for national and international distributors who meet the requirements of the certification. Among the key requirements is that the maple water must be purchased in Canada. So far, the only brands with NAPSI certification are SevaOvivaTMWahta and Necta .


Drinking and cooking

Drinking and cooking

First of all, maple water is wonderful to drink! Thirst-quenching and refreshing, this 100% naturally occurring water is slightly sweet and delicious when enjoyed chilled, during or after sport, as a quick treat or with friends and family. Maple water fits into a healthy lifestyle and is good for you as well your taste buds.

Making coffee with maple water is a sugaring season tradition that continues today. But did you know that you can also cook with maple water? When used in cooking or baking, it gives foods a fine, delicately scented and slightly sweet flavour. Maple water even creates a concentration of flavours that appeals to the fifth taste, the famous "umami." Use it for:

  • Soups and vegetable broths
  • Stewing meats
  • Poaching seafood, molluscs and fish
  • Marinating meats (pork, flank steaks, game)
  • Deglazing pan juices
  • Enriching beurre blanc and bearnaise sauces
  • Braising pork, lamb, beef and poultry
  • Cooking hams
  • Pastry creams
  • Ice creams and sorbets
  • Ice cubes for cocktails

Try this chef's secret: boil maple water to concentrate its flavours and add depth to your sweet and savoury dishes:



Starting quantity



Suggested uses

Stage 1

1 litre / 4 cups

30 minutes

750 ml / 3 cups

Bouillon tout-usage (soupes, braisés, etc.) et eau de pochage (fruits de mer, volailles, etc.)

Stage 2

750 ml / 3 cups (at the end of stage 1)

20 min longer

500 ml / 2 cups

Replaces stock in sauces and wine in sabayons

Stage 3

500 ml / 2 cups (at the end of stage 2)

20 min longer

250 ml / 1 cup

Flavouring syrup (rum, vanilla, etc.) for desserts


Find it

Find it

Harvested once a year in spring, then sterilized and packaged using Tetra Pak®, maple water does not require refrigeration before opening and keeps more than 18 months at room temperature. So you can enjoy it all year long! Ideal for cooking, cooling off in the summer or replenishing fluids during a workout, maple water is available in grocery stores under the brand names SevaOvivaTMWahta and Necta.