On the Road to Rio with Maple Products from Québec

Maple Products from Québec once again affirm their support for the development of cyclists, at all levels and in all disciplines, by launching its On the Road to Rio with Maple Products from Québec program.

Three cyclists among Québec’s medal hopefuls at the Rio Olympic Games will enjoy the support of this program. As the benefits of maple to athletic performance are now well known, athletes will receive nutritional guidance from a member of the sports nutrition team at Vivaï, as well as maple products to incorporate into their diets. 


Get to Know Karol-Ann Canuel

Karol-Ann Canuel has just started the season as a member of the professional Dutch team Boels-Dolmans. The world team time trial champion talks to us about maple.

How has this Olympic year been going so far?
I’m so excited to be a part of this new group of cyclists. I’ll be spending a lot of time in Europe this year, getting into a lot of international races. I’m also going to Rio in March to get to know the Olympic course. The 2016 season is going to be all about the Games and that’s one of my major goals.

How will Maple Products from Québec help you?
I’m really happy to be involved with Maple Products from Québec. It’s a great product from home and I’m proud to share it with my teammates from all over the world. Québec maple products are part of my daily diet…at breakfast before training or to give me energy during training sessions. And I use maple products as snacks while I’m actually on the bike.

How are you actually getting maple products into your diet?
I love maple syrup on my yogurt and fresh fruit. And I’m getting maple products into my recipes too.

Are you going to get a chance to use a product that you haven’t tried before?
Yes, I haven’t ever had maple water or maple sugar. I’m looking forward to trying new recipes with those!

Have you tried any new recipes with maple?
Yes, I’ve found lots of recipes on ilovemaple.ca. I want to try them all! I think maple granola is my favourite. I like to stick to a routine when it comes to food and I always start my day with granola. It’s super easy to make and gives me lots of energy for training!

With all your travelling in Europe, are you going to find room for Maple Products from Québec in your suitcase?
Definitely! Maple’s a big part of my everyday diet now! 



Get to Know Raphaël Gagné

Named Canadian Cyclist of the Year for 2015 by Canadian Cyclist and Pedal, Raphaël Gagné joined the Cannondale team at the start of this Olympic year. He shares his love for maple with us.

2015 was a great year for you. How do you think Maple Products from Québec can help you stay on the winning track in 2016?
Well, with maple products, I feel like I’m at home even when I’m far from home. Maple syrup is especially good. It’s comforting and great to share. There’s nothing like sharing a good breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup with my teammates … they’re my second family when I’m on the road and that’s more than half the year!

You were already a maple products fan. What products in particular do you like to use in the kitchen, and in your sport?
I love maple syrup on my pancakes in the morning or in a smoothie before or after training. My favourite dessert is maple-apple crisp. In cycling, whether training or in competition, I always like to use the well-known sport drinks to satisfy my needs for electrolytes and sugars. A healthier alternative to brown sugar is maple syrup or maple sugar. Like, I’ll mix 40 ml of maple syrup with 500 ml of water, add a pinch of salt, and I have a tasty and healthy sport drink.

Are you going to try something you haven’t tried before?
Yeah, maple water was a big surprise! It tastes great… Maple water’s isn’t very sweet and it’s refreshing. It makes you want to drink.

So, travelling all around the world, are you going to find a place for Maple Products from Québec in your suitcase?
That’s what I’ve been doing for a decade now, right from my very first international trips. It seems to be doing a good job for me! And just recently, I had maple syrup in my bag at the first training camp in Guatemala back in December and at the second camp in Los Angeles at the beginning of January.

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