Naturally part of a healthy diet maple

Naturally part of a healthy diet

Could our very own maple syrup be the next super food? Recent scientific results may support this: in addition to the pure pleasure we get when we taste maple syrup, it also contains an unparalleled variety of polyphenols (65 in all, nine of which are only found in maple syrup!). It offers health benefits similar to those of berries, tea, red wine and flax seed. We think you’ll like what you read next.

All natural

No colouring, no artificial flavours, no preservatives—maple syrup is 100% natural. "It tastes good and it's good for you," confirms Marie Breton, dietician.

The only thing that goes into maple taffy, maple sugar and maple butter (which contains no butter, by the way!) is maple syrup, and the only ingredient in maple syrup is the concentrated sap from certain varieties of maple tree. Which means it is 100% natural!

Part of a healthy diet

Are you curious, indulgent, epicurean...or just looking for products that fit into a healthy diet? Discover how maple can become your partner in creating wholesome meals every day.