Naturally part of a healthy diet maple

Maple: a partner in healthy eating

It’s common knowledge that maple syrup from Québec is 100% pure, without added colouring, artificial flavours or preservatives. But did you know that they also contain minerals* and vitamins*? It’s no wonder maple syrup’s properties and natural components are at the core of research projects in Québec and around the world.

Nutritional value

Maple syrup from Québec is 100% pure, and contains mineral nutrients and vitamins. One 60 mL (1/4 cup) serving of maple syrup provides over 72% of your daily nutritional requirement of manganese, 27% of riboflavin, 17% of copper and 6% of calcium.

A unique molecule

Did you know pure maple syrup from Québec contains 67 separate polyphenols, nine of which are unique to it? One of these polyphenols, Quebecol, occurs naturally when the sap is boiled to produce syrup.

Like the World Health Organization (WHO), the Federation of Québec Maple Syrup Producers suggests moderate sugar consumption. The WHO recommends daily intake of added sugar not exceed 10% of total daily energy intake, which averages around 2,000 kcal. That represents 50 grams of added sugar or 37.5 mL of maple syrup (just over 2 tbsp).